Repair of any kind of firearms and cool weapons

Who are we ?

We, "Guns Grips & Stocks" ASN , are of the few specialists in Bulgaria who can provide any cooperation with regard to Your fire arm or cold-steel weapon. We possess more than 20 years of experience in this field, having repaired, restored or wood-carved hundreds of items over this period, and selling many hand-made hunting knives, stocks, grip plates, shoulder stocks and many other items in our portfolio.


What are the services we offer - repairing of weapons

We offer to repair any kind to cold-steel, pneumatic, gas-signal and fire-arm historic, combat and hunting weapon of up to 20 mm in calibre.

What can we do for Your weapon?

- Repairs of the mechanics and replacement of unfit details in order to restore normal usability of the weapon.
- Replacement of unfit essential parts of the weapon (barrels, barrel blocks, breech blocks).
- Bonding of unstuck hunting-weapon barrel packages, installation of sight lines and sling mount forward bases. Bonding of hunting machine gun gas chambers unstuck from the barrels.
- Removal of rust, scratches and caverns from all steel parts of the weapon with subsequent finishing.

Also, we offer blackening of the weapon:

- Blackening of the steel parts of the weapon to produce a deep black glossy finish and black mat oxidation.
- Coloured staining oxidation of lockworks and breech blocks
- Russeting (white and yellow) of individual parts of the weapon.

What else do we offer ?

- Eloxation of duralumin parts of the weapon.
- Powder colouring of parts of the weapon.
- Fabrication of shoulder stocks, gun stocks and grip plates by customer request, consistent with the customer's ergonomic and appearance requirements.
- Placing of monograms and engraving of present inscriptions on the weapon.
- Installation of optic sights, red-dot sights and lights on the weapon.
- Custom-made fabrications for specific installation of optical sights.
- Operability reviewing of the weapons and issuing of operability certificates.
- Measurement of the bore energy of air guns and issuing of a measurement statement.
- Sealing (rendering safe) of fire arms for collections.
- Deactivation of weapons.
- Restoration of historical weapons.

Something you would not find elsewhere!!

We offer restoration of historical cold-steel and fire arms. Cleaning, display showing and conservation. Where necessary, we offer to fabricate and replace fragments or complete metal or wooden parts with true-to-the-original copies.

Others for us:

Professional attitude paying attention to the smallest details without compromise. Ability to fulfill different individual orders and requirements.